Weaver’s Airfield is the site for a number of RC airplane events each year. We’ve listed eight events on this website and will add more as the site develops and time allows.


The airstrip is used by both full-scale and model aircraft. It is 750 feet long by 100 feet wide. It is adjoined to the north by a 2800-foot-diameter agricultural circle that is typically planted in alfalfa. To the south is the access road, West Hampton. The site is approximately two miles from downtown Othello, WA as the crow flies.


The strip features close-mowed grass that is irrigated, so it is green and well kept throughout the flying season. Situated on the south side of the runway is Gary’s hangar, which is equipped with kitchen facilities and a workshop. On the west end of the hangar is a model workshop, which provides hangar space for a number of model airplanes. Just to the east of the main hangar is an additional workshop, which is also filled with models for Gary’s maintenance crew, Cain Lopez and Homer Montemayor.


Adjoining the hangars to the west and east sides are pad sites for recreational vehicles. There is potable water on site, as well as Porta-Potty restrooms.


Weaver’s Airfield is a near perfect site for all type of RC events including airplane, helicopter, and gliders/sailplanes. Gary makes it accessible to pilots from around the Northwest, with an emphasis on having fun, while being SAFE.

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Weaver's Fun Fly


Weaver’s Airfield, West Hampton Rd, Othello, WA



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