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Free to fly

Weaver’s Airfield provides a venue for families, pilots, and all comers to participate in light-sport and RC aircraft recreation. The airfield does so providing a venue for events, gatherings, and education. The airfield affords access to enthusiasts without charge, burdensome rules, or mind-numbing organizational meetings.


* Membership in Weaver’s Airfield group is FREE! There are no annual dues or one-time use fees. Airfield members may, however, donate to the airfield via the website, event registrations, as well as participate in the annual Weaver auction. Any and all money are used for airfield maintenance and enhancements.


* Friends, families, pilots, and newcomers are welcome. Weaver’s airfield members endeavor to inspire, instruct, inform, and motivate enthusiasts who share the passion for both light-sport aircraft and RC aviation. The airfield provides resources for newcomers to learn the fundamentals of RC, as well as introductions to light-sport aircraft.


* The airfield aspires to be a nearly year-round gathering place for aviation enthusiasts of all persuasions. It plays hosts to multiple events (Weaver’s breakfast, Auction, Memorial and Labor Day gatherings), competitions, and fun-fly weekends. The airfield is open for daily flying as well.


* Light-sport aircraft are welcome, with the caveat that the pilot must be proficient in short-field takeoffs and landings—the airfield is only 620 feet in length. Airfield owner, Gary Weaver, has been and is a light-sport enthusiast. As such, the Weaver group provides opportunities for education in many facets of light-sport aircraft and the nuances of piloting and building.


* RC aircraft enthusiasts gather regularly as a cohesive group for the dissemination of aviation information, as well as unparalleled camaraderie. RC events are hosted as a way to bring likeminded pilots together to share in their facet of the hobby/sport. The Airfield’s RC pilots welcome newcomers—providing both education about and instruction in the building, programming and piloting of RC aircraft and their flight.


* The Weaver directive is a means to enhance the joy of aviation for all; friends, family (adults and children), and newcomers. Weaver’s group members are welcomed to participate in a hostile-free piloting environment, where are all respected and considered equals. The airfield is meant to be a place of aviation discovery! It welcomes all to share in light-sport and RC aviation activities.

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